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OKAY SO i made this shirt on redbubble like 2 years ago, and 6 people have bought it in the last week so OBVIOUSLY I AM NOW A FASHIONISTA~ AND YOU SHOULD ALL BUY ONE >:)

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That one episode where Kirk teaches Lady Gaga that true beauty is seeing yourself reflected in the bottom of an empty food tray.

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I remember working with a law school in which white men heavily dominated the faculty. They used lots of sports metaphors (doing an end run, Monday morning quarterbacking, and so on), with legal jargon thrown in for good measure. I suggested that this was not a particularly welcoming trait in their school, that in fact it was sexist, but they paid little attention. I made my point by speaking for about five minutes in dressmaking terms: putting a dart in here, a gusset there, cutting the budget on the bias so it would be more flexible, using a peplum to hide a course that might be controversial. The women in the room laughed; the men did not find it humorous….Language is power, make no mistake about it. It is used to include and exclude and to keep people and systems in their places.
Frances E. Kendall, Understanding White Privilege (via brute-reason)

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Love this maths problem-solving graphic.

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A version for tumblr that can be read without opening a new tab, since plenty of people would scroll past this story otherwise.

The bravest woman on Earth.

Today is Women’s Day- a good day to celebrate this incredible young woman.

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Other Than You


what does a pig like other than you ? 

a pig friend to kiss and marrie when he is 30.

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